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Meet Kunal Panjabi [aka DJKP]. He's comfortable playing anything you throw at him whether it be English Pop, Latino Reggaeton, Bollywood Hits or something completely out of the ordinary. If you give him a track, he can mix it in. He's been a DJ for 7 years now and his many years of experience allow him to think up solutions to any situation you may come across. Contact us for more information including rates, availability, etc. 

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We are able to supply high-end lighting and audio equipment with quotes and equipment recommendations tailored to your event. Whether in a ballroom or on a boat, we can find a solution to elevate your event and enhance your guests' experiences through strategic implementations of lighting and other audio-visual equipment.


VJ'ing is becoming more and more common nowadays with large LED screens and other visual elements being used in large scale events. We can make you animated logos and motion graphics which we can display on TV's, LED Screens, Video Walls etc. Whether you need a simple looping graphic to run on your TV during an event or someone to physically trigger different custom visuals live to music, we've got you covered.



We can get you a photographer for your event. Capture the experiences and memories at your event with stunning photos from our incredible photographers. Don't worry about the stresses of looking through hundreds of reviews to find someone to capture your event. Leave it to our tried and trusted photographers who will be sure to capture every special moment.


We can provide you with quality video editing at a reasonable cost. Forget about the labour intensive hours combing through footage, splitting and cutting your videos to the beat. Leave it to us. Whether it's a birthday video with a few family messages or an exclusive private event, we'll edit your video with the highest level of quality and service.



We can help you arrange live music for your event. Whether it's a live band with a vocalist or a Drummer, Trumpet or Saxophone player to freestyle along to our DJ's tracks, live music can elevate your event to the next level. We are in contact with many of HK's top live bands, vocalists and musicians. Let us take care of it for you.


We can design logos. We can design stickers. We can design brochures. We can design anything you can think of. Once we design what you need, we can even help get it manufactured for you, whether it be a banner, a business card, or something else you desire. Contact us now for more information. 

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